Pop-Up Shop Series

It’s time to get started, and we’ve got the space for you.


Don’t let the excuses build up why you aren’t doing what you love. Put your passion to work and begin the start of something great.

  • Test out your idea and our space for 30 days rent free. Make valuable connections and validate your business model.
  • Fine-tune your business while you develop customer relationships. Market your product or service in a uniquely exclusive way.


Why pop up?

A pop-up shop is a temporary storefront with a limit timeframe to leave a permanent impression with your customers. There many reasons why a business may do a pop-up. For instance, it could be a launch a new product or test a new market. There’s also the opportunity to really generate buzz because you’re really honing in on a specific message, a specific marketing opportunity.



The Pop-Up Shop Series is free for the applicant, but is limited to three participants during the listed installments below.



Installment #1 – 10/1/17 – 10/28/17
Installment #2 – 10/29/17 – 11/25/17
Installment #3 – 11/26/17 – 12/23/17



What types of businesses qualify?
Businesses that are looking to establish in downtown Rock Island and are in need of storefront. Specifically, those needing retail, commercial and office space.

How long do I have in the space?
You will have approximately four weeks to test out the space starting on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday.

How much does it cost?
This is the best part. It’s free of charge.

What can I use the space for?
Ideally, you are a startup business that sells a product and needs a storefront to meet new customers and grow your business through creative marketing events and promotions. You can also use it as a demonstration space to educate the market on a new product.

Can I modify the space?
You can make the space yours so long as you don’t paint, attach any fixtures to the wall or remove any of the current treatments.

Are there any requirements?
We recommend and highly suggest that you hold at least 3-4 special events in order to generate adequate interest in your business.