As we draw towards the close of another year, we will run through the highlight reel of activities to use as the benchmark of where this one stacks up against others in the record book. Really, only time will tell whether or not this year was memorable for the right or wrong reasons.

Cultivating a culture of arts, innovation, and sustainability in a downtown environment takes time, persistence, and practice. Change happens at its own pace and whether or not we see it, it is always happening around us. As advocates of small business and entrepreneurship, we take stock of where our downtown is on the spectrum more regularly than once a year, because the business world is demanding and ever-changing. However, at the same time, we must take a moment to note success stories, positive changes that have occurred, and the areas in which help is still needed to live up to our fullest potential as a city.

We believe that there is more that we can do as your nonprofit community development organization that champions downtown. We have evolved to meet the needs of our community year-in and year-out, but understand more has to be done. That is why over the coming months, you will see new rollouts of programs and special events to stimulate and support our community’s development. We are thankful for our amazing partners, contributors, and volunteers that made for a great year and we look forward to continuing to share these successes with our community.