Erik Reader

Much to the delight of their patrons, not a month goes by without another noteworthy beer hitting the Wake Brewing menu board. The Brothers Parris are constantly busy at work brewing up new creations that keep the tap list interesting and the glasses filled with fun at the same time.

Yellow Moon, a reference to a song by the band Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats, is the latest in Wake’s line of perfect pints. Grab a refreshing Yellow Moon this month while supplies last. When the brothers release a new beer, they have a tendency to go fast. Since opening the brewery one year ago, they have added a takeaway option by canning limited-run beers. Now you definitely won’t go thirsty.

NEW BREW ON TAP: Yellow Moon
Hazy IPA with aromas of pineapple, apricots, and berries that is followed with a breadcrust backbone and firm bitterness in the finish.

Wake Brewing
2529 5th Avenue