Words & Pictures: Erik Hansen

In October 2018, Tim Johnson, owner of Mellow Blue Planet Comics and Collectibles, will celebrate his 18th year in business and 15th year located in downtown Rock Island.

“We were a bit hesitant to move our business into a house, but it ended up working to our advantage being located between the Centennial and Arsenal bridges. We get customers and traffic from a lot of different places.”

When asked how this hero’s journey began, his face lights up like a kid in a comic shop.

“My older brother got me into comics. I would wait for him to go off to school, then I’d sneak into his room and read them. They were fascinating to me; all the colors, the artwork, the stories. It’s always been a favorite hobby of mine, and that hobby turned into a business.”

Each week, Tim brings in between 500 and 1,000 comics from the biggest publishers. Customers can expect a wide variety of favorites from Marvel, DC, and Image as well as the leading independent publishers. Mellow Blue also has a large selection of toys, collectibles, posters, t-shirts, and comic book storage.

Whether you have been reading comics your whole life or are just getting started, Tim rules “The Planet” by providing great conversation and knowledgeable service for anyone looking to add the perfect pieces to their collection. “It can be an overwhelming hobby because there are so many books offered each week, so I have to ask customers the right questions. What are their specific interests? Are they into science fiction? Horror? Fantasy? Crime? Suspense? Then, I can make a recommendation based on their interests.”

There are special events held at Mellow Blue Planet for comic book lovers to enjoy throughout the year. Tim welcomes the masses for Free Comic Book Day, held annually in May. The “Halloween Spooktacular” in October celebrates another successful year in business by offering goodies and special discounts. Customers also await anxiously through the winter months for the Valentine’s Open House held every February, featuring deals on backstock comics, toys, and much more.

“Every week we receive our shipments and it’s always something new. It’s like Christmas all year-round! Always new, always exciting, and refreshing.”

With the cool weather and falling leaves fast approaching, it’s about time to throw on your flannel shirts, pay a visit to Mellow Blue Planet Comics & Collectibles for your favorite reading material, and return home to that special part of your childhood.

All thanks to Tim Johnson… the hero that downtown Rock Island deserves.

Mellow Blue Planet Comics
& Collectibles
2212 5th Avenue
Rock Island, IL 61201