The Shoppes on 2nd


The Shoppes on 2nd is a retail incubator located a 1700 2nd Ave. in downtown Rock Island. Many communities have created retail “incubators” as a means of nurturing new businesses, affording them the opportunity to grow and prosper. The Shoppes on 2nd is an effort designed to promote and increase the retail industry in Rock Island.


The Shoppes on 2nd is not a co-op, but instead consists of six independent retail suites, designed to take home-based or start-up retailers an opportunity to grow and expand.


What are the benefits?

  1. Power in numbers. By clustering several businesses within the confines of the building, visitors will have additional incentive to visit.
  2. Ease in getting started. Utilities and common area maintenance fees are included in your rent. Our staff will maintain the common areas, sidewalks and restroom facilities.
  3. Educational opportunities. Let us put you in touch with industry professionals who can help you get the business education necessary for the successful small business.
  4. Marketing and promotions. Many promotional opportunities will be available to help draw customers to The Shoppes on 2nd.
  5. Convenient location. The Shoppes on 2nd is situated on a main corner in downtown Rock Island with numerous available parking spaces nearby.


What do I need?

If you are considering starting a new retail business or expanding your home-based or internet business, The Shoppes on 2nd is a perfect place to start. First and foremost, you will need a strong business plan. This is your first step to begin the process of establishing a successful retail business.


You will need to provide your own display fixtures, merchandise, staff and point of sale equipment. Each suite has a telephone jack, so you can contract your own telephone and/or internet provider.


What is my next step?

Simply contact our staff to receive The Shoppes on 2nd space consideration application and return it to us with a copy of your business plan. Your application will go through a review process and you will be notified once the review is complete.

Are you still interested in finding out more about incubating your business?

Please contact our Downtown Rock Island Partnership staff today!